Why Property Restyle?

With Property Restyle you have the peace of mind of knowing you are in partnership with a company that has over 25 years experience within the construction industry, and the expertise and vision to bring your dreams to life.

Whatever the project, you can rest assured that it will be carried out to our own exacting standards. We believe that our reputation is only as good as our last project, and our reputation speaks for itself. If you would like to discuss or pursue your project, then please do give us a call, we are extremely approachable and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Bryan Cooper
Bryan CooperManaging Director & Founder
Bryan is the managing director and founder of property restyle ltd,  involved in the construction industry for over 25 years. Bryan has become frustrated at building firms forming from time to time with a serious lack of knowledge and desire, just interested in trying to make money. On occasions he has even worked for these firms, this has given him inside knowledge and the determination to form Property Restyle LTD. Property Restyle represents excellence within the building industry, and they only undertake projects that can be completed by there  own team in the designated time. They do not take on vast amounts of work and employ extra trades on a one off basis, Bryan feels that this is what generates problems within the industry. Bryan believes in keeping his team to a tight knit community which improves efficiency and staff morale.
Andrew Scott
Andrew ScottProject Manager
Andrew is a vastly experienced project manager with over 15 years experience within the retail and residential building sectors. Andrew would consider his specialist areas to be extensions and new builds. His attention to detail is second to none with few others matching his eye for perfection. Needless to say this gives our clients that additional peace of mind knowing that their project manager cares as much about the outcome of the project as they do. He has been involved in many projects including retail and residential dwellings from concept to completion. Andrew feels that his future lies with Property Restyle because of their desire for perfection and customer satisfaction which aligns perfectly with his own high standards. Andrew has a great personality and is very approachable, we’re sure you’ll enjoy having him around on your project.


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