It’s at the heart of our business.

At Property Restyle we are constantly striving to reduce the impact our business has on our environment. We are achieving this through the following implemented processes.

Environmental Resource Management

Environmental Resource Management is an issue of increasing concern, at Property Restyle we recognise this. Protecting our environment and Ecosystem integrity is at the forefront of our business. We continue to assess the interaction and impact that our projects have on the environment as well as conflicts between meeting needs and protecting resources.

Carbon Footprint

At Property Restyle we are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment, we ensure our vehicles and equipment are maintained and monitored to the highest standards. Whenever possible we try to use recycled materials, we are always open to new ideas and products designed to reduce our footprint.

Product & Waste Recycling

We appreciate that building sites can produce vast amounts of waste materials, whenever possible we will always try and recycle on site. When this is not a viable option, we ensure that our waste removal contractors are taking our waste materials to advanced recycling plants.

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